The geographical position and the morphology of the Cycladic islands land contribute to the development of the agricultural economy, production and the food habits of the Aegean. The land of Cyclades is mainly mountainous, and the climate is dry. The entire island complex is famous for many local products like olive oil, wild greens, fava, dry tomatoes, potatoes, cheeses and meats. The rocky islands are characterized for their poor vegetation, covered with low bushes and greenery which give delicious thyme honey, a basic ingredient in the Cycladic diet and the main product used in most of the recipes. Furthermore, the exploitation of cultivated land from the local vinedressers in the Cyclades has been the key to the rich wine tradition. Almost all the local products of Cyclades are famous for their excellent quality and strong taste.

Unfortunately, the insularity of the Cycladic region and associated difficulties in transport, plus competition seen by the tourism sector for human resources, have led to a decrease in the development of the primary sector. Another challenge facing local farmers is the influx of cheap products coming from abroad. As the Cycladic islands have become ever more interconnected to a global market for agricultural products, imports of foreign foodstuffs have rocketed. This has led to a squeezing of local producers’ profits, making it harder for them to sell their produce in their home market. A common complaint expressed by local producers today is that there are no markets left to sell their products.  Existing cooperative bodies, in their majority, operate impartially without being able to solve problems of marketing and distribution of products or to have the opportunity to develop modern infrastructure. The products that are standard and certified are few and far between in relation to the potential of the region and the needs of the local market. 


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