Landscape - Heritage - Local food

The unique landscape of the Cycladic islands is based on the elements of the Aegean Sea, the climate, the geomorphology, the vegetation and the architecture of monolithic plastic forms of houses.

The white houses with flowered gardens, the blue-domed churches and the paved paths create a fantastic fairyland to walk around and admire beauty in simplicity. The white colour of the walls also serves a more natural need, because the white colours reduce the sun absorption during summer months. Other typical features of Cycladic architecture are the traditional windmills, used in the past to grind grain.

One of the main components of the traditional heritage of the Cyclades is the agrarian economy and the production of high quality local products, such as olive oil, honey, wine, meat, cheese, sausages, wild greens, etc. Unfortunately, the insularity of the Cycladic region and associated difficulties in transport, plus competition seen by the tourism sector for human resources, have led to a decrease in the development of the primary sector. Existing cooperative bodies, in their majority, operate impartially without being able to solve problems of marketing and distribution of products or to have the opportunity to develop modern infrastructure. The products that are standard and certified are few and far between in relation to the potential of the region and the needs of the modern market. 

Local Identity grants

  • Trails maintenance and coastal Clean-ups

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  • Regenerating the Cycladic Ecosystem

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  • Mapping the pathways of a potential Geopark

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