Capacity Building for the best small-scale sustainable fisheries

(2018) 1.600.00€ awarded

The Cyclades Preservation Fund supports the capacity building of local fishermen from the Cyclades as well as the exchange of their views with fishermen from other areas around the word regarding small-scale sustainable fisheries. To this end, we cover the travel costs for a field visit to the UK for some representatives of Santorini, including the small-scale local fisheries association and “Theran Sea”, a non governmental, not for profit organisation from Santorini aiming at the establishment an effective operation of an MPA in the waters surrounding the island,to attend in this tailor-made Ideas- Sharing workshop organized and hosted by one of our strategic partners, the Blue Marine Foundation and has kindly been sponsored by the Adessium Foundation.

The workshop takes place in Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve where collaboration between fishermen, conservationists, scientists and regulators  has achieved a “win-win” model for fishing and conservation. The fishermen involved have experienced increased catches, improved landing infrastructure and a higher catch per unit of effort. They are now enjoying higher prices for their catch from a market that is prepared to pay more for traceable, sustainable and high-quality fish and shellfish. Research has shown that this has led to higher levels of job and income satisfaction and a desire by younger generations to enter the industry. These benefits for fishermen have gone hand in hand with a measurable revival of marine habitats, rare species and some commercially important stocks.

The CPF has already signed an MoU with Theran Sea to support their efforts for the establishment of an MPA in the area.

WATCH here how a team of divers, scientists, conservationists, engineers and ocean-lovers unites to help protect the sea in Santorini, with the support of Pierre-Yves Cousteau.


Read a great blog by Rory Moore (Blue Marine Foundation) about the visit of the Mediterranean fishermen in Lyme Bay and learn more!