Co-living with Monk Seals

(2018) €3.000 awarded

Most of the population of the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal –Monachus monachus– live in Greece. There are now only 300 individuals left. Monk seals are widely distributed along the entire coastline of the country and show a strong preference for isolated and inaccessible areas.

CPF is happy to support MOm, the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal, aiming to help inform the general public about marine life preservation, to help increase awareness of the extremely rich biodiversity of the Cyclades islands and of the conservation measures required to protect it.

With CPF’s grant, MOm is expected to create and share a short video presenting the richness of the marine and coastal biodiversity of the Cyclades island complex focusing on the existence of important reproductive populations of the Mediterranean monk seal, the only seal species in the Mediterranean and the rarest seal on the planet. To create the video, unique footage from MOm’s extensive archives will be used, along with new material that will be produced in the field for this purpose. MOm’s field biologists, with the support of the National Geographic Society, are planning to complete the recording, mapping and evaluation of all important monk seal pupping sites throughout the entire Cyclades island complex in 2018.

This video will also be distributed to all the local state and private bodies (Primary and Secondary Educational Directorates, TV Stations) and it will also be included in the organization’s Environmental Education Program to be used in their visits to schools, as well as in various local and international public awareness campaigns.