Cycladoupolis: environmental Education within a Museum-kit

(2018) 6.000€ awarded

We are so happy to work together with the educational departments of the Museum of Cycladic Art & of WWF Greece to allow the culture meet the nature and enrich the Cycladic Museum-kit, which has been travelling across schools in Greece and abroad for many years and ! With the CPF grant, the Kit will include Cycladoupolis, an original designed game focused on biodiversity and sustainable development in the Cyclades aiming to mobilise the kids to adopt environmentally friendly practices in their everyday lives. The project, which has been officially presented in early 2019 in Athens and on Syros island and will be gradually disseminated across the Cyclades, will be co-funded by the A. C. Laskaridis Foundation.

Read here the Press Release in Greek!


Please find below the local art& educational entities that currently host Cycladoupolis in the Cyclades. Do not hesitate to contact them and ask for it to play, enjoy, learn, share the experience:

Andros/ Idryma Kydonieos

Syros/ Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis

Donousa/ Mrs Evdokia Nomikou

Paros/ Municipali Library Yiannis Gkikas

Naxos/ 1st Secondary School

Koufonisia/ Secondary School

Santorini/ Santorini Arts Factory & Tomato Museum