Greening the Syros Aquathlon event!

(2018) 1.500 € awarded

What a great opportunity to promote environmental awareness through sport in the Cyclades and to encourage green activities that reduce the ecological footprint and bring real benefits to communities and to the environment?

The CPF supported the Nautical Club of Syros who implemented the first Syros Aquathlon event on Syros island in order to reduce the ecological footprint of the athletes and the visitors during the 3 days races (14-16/9) and minimize the existing pressures on the island’s natural resources. More particularly, specially colored bins, painted by the young athletes of the 13th NSC Sports Camp were placed -with the coordination of the Syros-Ermoupolis Waste Management Body- in central points of the island, where the races took place, targeting to encourage the recycling and/or reuse of the usual waste in similar sport events (plastic bottles, cups, brochures, soft drinks, etc.). Water coolers were also placed at certain spots of the race route so that the public and athletes could refill their bottles and minimize the use of new plastic bottles. In addition, the young athletes  received reusable flasks and cloth handbags as a symbolic gift by the CPF.