Greening the Syros Aquathlon event!

(2018) 1.500 € awarded

The challenge 

Our challenge was to consider how we could best reduce the waste impact of the first Syros Aquathlon event on Syros island, a three-day-long sporting event which had the potential to take a toll on the local environment. Our thinking was that such an event, being immersed in and dependent on nature, could be a showcase of environmental kindness in the Cyclades.


The solution 

The solution was to team up with the Nautical Club of Syros, to collaborate with the organisers and the athletes themselves, in order to come up with ways we could reduce the waste impact of the three-day-long event, and promote environmental awareness through sport in the Cyclades.


What does this project deliver in practice?

  • Specially coloured bins, painted by the young athletes of the 13th NSC Sports Camp, were placed (with the help of the Syros-Ermoupolis Waste Management Body) at central points of the island where the races were taking place. The aim was to encourage recycling and/or the reuse of plastic bottles, cups, brochures, soft drinks, etc.that are the typical by-products of such sporting events. 
  • Water coolers were placed at certain points of the race route so that the public and athletes could refill their bottles and minimise the use of new plastic bottles. 
  • The young athletes were given reusable flasks and CPF tote bags to use throughout the event, and hopefully again!


A bit about the organisation

In 1893, 43 locals founded the Ereton Association of Ermoupolis, the second Rowing Club of Greece which operated until the general crisis of 1924. Then, in 1933, the Nautical Club of Syros was established. The Club slowly acquired its own emblem, its own flag, its own improvised sailboats and fanatic fans and with the support of the Greek Maritime Union it organised the first regattas of Faliro-Syros in 1938 as well as water sports competitions. During the 1940s and 50s the activities of the Club were interrupted and resumed again in 1953 with the financial support of the municipality of Ermoupolis and high distinctions in rowing, sailing and swimming. Counting today more than 417 members and 126 athletes, the Club continues its successful course in marine sports while offering courses for both children and adults.