Sea Turtle Conservation

(2018 & 2020) 6.900€ awarded

Great news! The nationwide expert NGO Archelon will travel to the Cyclades to provide the local Naxos Association for the Wildlife Protection with the necessary capacity and tools in order to maintain and increase the respective populations and to provide biological data from which we can have a better understanding of the turtles’ ecology and population status in the years to come. Monitoring of stranding to gain a better understanding of the threats the sea turtles in Naxos and around face, is also an important objective of this grant supported by the CPF.

The one year project started in October 2018 includes, among other, a satellite transmitter placement on a suitable size turtle, training in tracking and protecting nests, scheduling patrols and alert signs, informative boards for the visitors.


We are pleased to announce that we completed three very successful informative events on Syros, Paros and Naxos, organized together with Archelon, Naxos Association for the Wildlife Protection and the local port and coast-guard authorities, focusing on rescue protocols and first aid guidance for injured sea turtles. We would like to thank all the participants!

Working together with experts, local stakeholders, unions, diving centers, fishermen and coast- guard authorities to protect the sea-turtles in the Cyclades is the only way moving forward! Read here the related article in the Greek press.

Now, our partner, has announced a n open call to local business of Naxos and Small Cyclades who are interested in having informative flyers in the restaurants, hotels and bard to inform the visitors and locals abut the sea turtes in the area and how we can all live together!



The Cyclades Preservation Fund is pleased to keep supporting the Naxos Association for the Protection of Wildlife doing a great work, by creating new promotional material, enabling educational trips and field visits to other areas aiming to meet fishermen and students and raise awareness about wildlife and recently by funding a new big tank suitable for sea turtles that has been placed in the first aid care center of the Association.

Watch the moving story of NIREAS, the Loggerhead Turtle found seriously injured on Paros Island. Through the intensive care he received from our local partners at Naxos Wildlife Protection‘s station for 5 months, in the special rescue tank donated by the CPF, he completed his treatment successfully and recently returned to his natural environment!