Sea turtle rescue kits

(2019) 1.600€ awarded

ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece was founded in 1983 (non-profit). Its primary objective is to protect sea turtles and their habitats in Greece through monitoring and research, developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration, raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles.

Archelon receives a large number of stranded, injured sea turtles, from various areas in Greece. During the rescue seminars performed at Port Authorities (Paros, Syros, Naxos) within the framework of the “sister” project entitled “Capacity building of the local wildlife protection group on the island of Naxos for sea turtle conservation”, in April 2019, the need for rescue kits was identified. Given the fact that national authorities in Greece do not have effective budgets and face great bureaucracy, Archelon proposed this action for the CPF to support in order to facilitate the effective transfer of sea turtles during rescue operations.

The projects is completed with the provision of custom built sea turtle rescue kits to 4 different port authorities (Syros, Paros, Naxos and Milos), in order for them to be able to properly transfer injured sea turtles they find stranded in their respective areas to ARCHELONs Rescue Center in Glyfada. Each rescue kit is a 250 lt tank that includes a mattress, saline solution, sterile gauzes and gloves, measuring tape and line cutter.

The 4 sea turtle rescue kits will enable the 4 respective port authorities to capture injured – stranded sea turtles and transfer them effectively to the Rescue Center. Additionally, the line &net cutters will enable fishermen to release trapped animals from their nets.