Trails maintenance and coastal clean-ups in protected areas

(2019) 2.600€ awarded

Environmental and Social pressures due to climate change, mass tourism, overtourism and the wildfire high risk of the islands of the Aegean Sea during the summer months, are the main challenges the Cyclades are facing, while the problem is further intensified in Syros due to the fact that the island serves mostly as a transportation hub for the Aegean, as its port serves ferries to the islands of Cyclades, Dodecanese and Eastern Aegean.

The CPF is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Management Body of Cyclades Protected Areas (MBCPA) and MedINA (Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos) aiming to offer to the local community of Syros islands two (2) trail routes and two (2) cleaned remote beaches, by involving local volunteers that are expected to cooperate and work closely with local young people, fostering environmental awareness.

By promoting voluntary engagement, transferring know-how on trails maintenance and coastal cleaning and by cooperating with local young people and local stakeholders, the project is expected to be implemented in other areas of Syros as well as the Cyclades in the future, under the auspices of the MBCPA.