Clean Green Andros

(2020) 9.000€ awarded

The challenge

Our beloved island of Andros faces severe issues with waste management as the current waste level outweighs the island’s ability to process it. The increase of single-use plastic and the ongoing use of the landfill site is not a sustainable solution. 

Furthermore, there is limited awareness about waste issues, water quality and the consequences of waste on human and animal life, as well as little information about actions that residents, communities and businesses can take to improve the situation.



The solution 

Our contribution to a solution for this issue has been to closely support Andros Research Centre and Andros Routes (creators and maintainers of a world-renowned network of footpaths on Andros) in their collaboration with the municipality and other local stakeholders for a waste reduction project. 



What does the project deliver in practice?

This project centres around data research and metrics production, informative campaigns encouraging sustainable practices (for example drinking Andros water), as well as policy changes which aim to transform Andros into a sustainable tourism destination for its visitors in all seasons.

The team will work closely with the CPF and its partners across the Cyclades aiming to follow and replicate successful practices from other islands.



A bit about the organisation

Clean Green Andros is a voluntary, independent initiative, all about working together,  to help gather information and share available simple waste management practices that we can all easily follow, for a clean, green and sustainable Andros.” – CGA official website.

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