Clean Blue Paros

(2019 & 2020) 20.000€ awarded

Have you heard about Clean Blue Paros? This new, inspiring pilot project supports Paros in becoming the first plastic-waste free Mediterranean island and a global leader in the fight against plastics in our seas. Our partner, Common Seas, leads the ‘Clean Blue Initiative’, which supports islands in accelerating solutions that eliminates plastic from entering our seas and oceans. Its first island initiative, ‘Clean Blue Paros’, is a ground-breaking collaboration between the Paros Municipality, the Cyclades Preservation Fund, WATT, WWF Greece, the University of Aegean, the HERRCO, and pioneering local Paros businesses and stakeholders. Keep up with the initiative’s progress!

COVID-19 UPDATE: The team of Common Seas continues their great work in different levels (conducting marine, waste and social audits to build a better understanding of plastic pollution on the islands and evaluate impact, certifying businesses that reduce single use, spreading the guidelines, designing tote bags, providing reusable bottles in low prizes, piloting separate collection, etc) although some parts of the project have stopped, such as the business engagement process due to the general covid-19 lockdown.

Our partners Common Seas continue implementing a three-step approach ‘Investigate, Intervene and Influence ‘ with the clear objective to radically reduce the consumption of single-use plastics on the islands. With the CPF support and despite the challenges due to Covid-19, they managed to engage local 100 businesses in Paros and they continue their efforts, by creating new material to engage hospitality businesses, guide them in reducing their use of plastic, and support them in communicating their efforts to customers. Well done CBP team!
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