From movies to the Cycladic Movement

“From Movies to Cyclades Movement’
CPF enabled in 2020-2022 the Cinedoc Cyclades Islands initiative in partnership with ANEMON PRODUCTIONS aiming to raise awareness and engage the inhabitants of the Cyclades in environmental issues by carrying out selected film screenings that were
followed by discussions. Approximately 2200 people, including around 400 students, joined the initiative that took place on 7 islands of the Cyclades and in Attica!

To expand the outreach and opportunity of the audience to get involved in environmental protection in the Cyclades area, and beyond, we  scale up our efforts in a new project called ‘From Movies to Cyclades Movement’, that includes screenings of selected environmental movies to inspire the audience and environmental webinars as follow-up steps for them to be trained to actively participate in environmental protection and monitoring of the Cycladic sea and land.

This is a new, exciting 2023 program planned and implemented by the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF), kindly supported by The Hellenic Initiative!

If you are a non-for profit entity based on one of the Cycladic islands, please consider to host the screenings of the 3 amazing envuronmental movies offered by the CPF on your island. You can read more details, including the terms and conditions for the eligible entities, here  and please fill in this form to join our local allies.

Are you a (seasonal/permanent) resident of the Cyclades?

If you speak Greek please consider joining our thematic environmental webinars. If not, please register here to access the webinars we have created for the English-speaking residents & visitors of the Cycladic Islands in Greece.

Thank you for your precious help!

Not sure yet? Just  WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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