Revegetating the Cyclades

Through the initiatives Greening Schools and Regenerating the Cycladic Ecosystem, CPF has been supporting local planting and soil anti-erosion activities in the Cyclades to demonstrate the area’s rich biodiversity, with a particular focus on collaborating with local non-profit entities and the educational community.

Driven by the success of the botanical gardens created in Paros and Kimolos and the soil anti-erosion measures implemented at Paros Park, as well as the demand of the Cycladic schools for more hands-on environmental activities, CPF decided to expand biodiversity demonstration and revegetation to more locations in the Cyclades.

The “Revegetating the Cyclades” program aims to scale up the two aforementioned initiatives and expand them to cover a pan-Cycladic scope.

The implemented practices will be presented and shared at CPF seminars such as the Islanders’ Forum to provide inspiration and promote networking and knowledge exchange.

This project is generously co-funded by the Helidoni Foundation and led by the CPF.


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