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The challenge

The traditional building techniques used in the Cycladic islands, such as dry stone walls, are not only architectural marvels but also integral components of the region’s cultural heritage and environmental sustainability. These techniques have evolved over centuries to harmonize with the natural landscape, reflecting the deep connection between Cycladic communities and their environment. Dry stone walls, in particular, play a crucial role in preserving the biodiversity and ecological balance of the islands. They serve as barriers that retain soil and water, prevent erosion, and create microhabitats for flora and fauna. The craftsmanship involved in constructing dry stone walls is a testament to the skill and ingenuity of Cycladic artisans. However, nowadays, the preservation of the traditional Cycladic landscape faces several challenges, including increasing development and the abandonment of dry stone walls.

The solution

To address this challenge, efforts must be made to recognize and safeguard the cultural and environmental significance of Cycladic heritage. This includes: documenting traditional building techniques and cultural practices associated with dry stone walls through research, documentation, and preservation initiatives, supporting training programs and workshops that teach traditional building techniques to a new generation of craftsmen and artisans, encouraging local communities to take pride in their cultural heritage and pass on traditional knowledge to future generations, and finding ways to integrate traditional building techniques with modern sustainability practices and materials.

Project’s deliverables

(2021) First Dry Stone Masonry workshop: The Amorgian Craftsmanship. This 5-day workshop included activities such as restoration of  dry stone walls (25 metres), cobblestone path building (40 metres) in the area between Agios Nikolaos and Vigles in the Kamari-Vroutsi area, informative seminars from two local stonemasons and experienced masons from other parts of Greece supported by apprentices and visitors.

(2022) Second Dry Stone Masonry Workshop “The Amorgian Craftsmanship” (the continuation of the 1st Dry Stone Workshop). During this phase three local masons, with the assistance of 35 participants that attended the works on site, have created 14 new cobblestone “kadenes” (steps), with a total length of 33 metres, and restored 10 parts of sustaining dry stone walls, with a total length of 39.30 metres. The works were completed following the dates of the workshop, with the completion of the “kadenes” and clearing of the site by the masons, workers and members of the Mitato of Amorgos that remained on the island. During the workshop, masons and apprentices had the opportunity to get to know each other, to discuss and share thoughts on dry stone, its techniques and materials etc. A number of lectures were presented to the high school students of Amorgos, as well as to the public. Among the achievements of this phase was the building of the marked path no 4 of the trail network of Amorgos (exit of Stroumbos village).

About the Grantee

The establishment of the Mitato of Amorgos in 2020 reflects a commitment to preserving and promoting the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Cycladic islands, with a particular focus on Amorgos. The founders recognized the importance of protecting the island’s unique man-made heritage and its profound connection to the surrounding natural environment. The projects initiated by the Mitato of Amorgos demonstrate a multifaceted approach to addressing environmental issues, preserving traditional crafts, and passing on cultural knowledge to future generations.