Giving life back to the “Gulf of plastic corals”

(2019) 250€ awarded

We are happy to be among the supporters of Aegean Rebreath and their ‘UnBin the Aegean’ campaign: Giving life back to the “Gulf of plastic corals”

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COVID -19 UPDATE: The partnership consisted by Aegean Rebreath, Andros Maritime Association, ALS Marine Consultants has brought the issue of heavy marine pollution in Andros to the forefront. It is worth saying that in mid-February the Minister of Environment invited the team and made commitments to solve the problem. During last two months they are stand by to leave for Andros, as soon as the weather permits them to do so. That was not possible the previous months due to windy conditions which could not allow them to use the necessary underwater equipment to conduct an environmental impact assessment, to determine the appropriate method to resolve the issue. Apart from the weather conditions, the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) imposed further restrictions. As a result, they informed that that they hope that after April they will finally manage to start their operations and will keep us updated about the way our donation has benefited Andros.