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Blue Marine Preservation in the Cyclades is a program led and co-funded by the CPF and the Blue Marine Foundation. This new initiative aims to support fish stock and marine ecosystem regeneration by empowering fishermen in the Cyclades to follow models of sustainable, low-impact fishing and inspire them to envision the creation of more MPAs in the Cyclades.

Amorgorama was the first manifestation of our Blue Marine Preservation in the Cyclades Program.

With the pilot program Amorgorama, the Professional Fishing Association of Amorgos wants to find a sustainable solution to increasing plastic pollution and overfishing in the Aegean Sea.

This program ensures that fishermen can access paid work while refraining from fishing during April and May when fish shoals in the region are most likely to be reproducing. 

We aim to raise the necessary money through donations to pay fishermen to clean up as many bays as possible in the Spring while refraining from fishing. At the same time,  the underwater world can have a break for regeneration.

In 2021, the results of our efforts included

  • Twenty-eight litter-picking missions meant 28 fewer fishing days during the fish reproduction period!
  • Nine hundred large bags of litter
  • Twelve tons of plastic went to recycling centres, where 60-65% will be recycled
  • Nine hundred and sixty kilos of fishing nets and ropes were recycled


Watch the video and keep following Amorgorama 

Σε συνεργασία με τον καλλιτέχνη Florian Reiche (DE/AT).

Background photo credits: Y.Issaris


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