Έχετε ακούσει ποτέ για τον ιδιοφυή κουβά, που εφευρέθηκε από δύο Αυστραλούς σέρφερ, που ρουφάει σκουπίδια και λάδι απευθείας από τη θάλασσα; 

It is so simple, innovative, and useful and we are very proud to announce that the first Sea Bin system in the Cyclades was established in 2019 in Naoussa, of Paros, thanks to a CPF donation and our business partnership with Experiential YachtingMany thanks to the Municipality of Paros και το Nautical Club of Naoussa NAIAS for their collaboration!

A second Seabin system has been donated by the CPF in 2022 to the Municipality of Amorgos και το Professional Association of Fishers of Amorgos to support the exemplary initiative of AMORGORAMA! You will find it in the new fishing marina of Katapola.

Watch some short videos with regards to how the system operates  εδώ και εδώ και εδώ

Watch the GREEN STORIES feature to the CPF and the referrence to the SEA BIN on Paros εδώ 

This CPF program has now been completed.

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