Areas of interest
Biodiversity, Local identity


Geographical area
Amorgos, Antiparos, Paros, Syros

The challenge

The need for revegetating the Cyclades arises from various environmental and ecological challenges facing the islands. Some of the key reasons for revegetation include habitat degradation, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity.

The solution

Driven by the success of the botanical gardens created in Paros and Kimolos and the soil anti-erosion measures implemented at Paros Park (previous initiatives Greening Schools and Regenerating the Cycladic Ecosystem), along with the need of the Cycladic schools for more hands-on environmental activities, CPF aimed to scale up the two aforementioned initiatives and expand its work to more locations in the Cyclades.

Main goals of the program included planting of local species in specific areas, worm composting systems installation, workshops regarding technical aspects of their use, encouraging and supporting educators in organizing experiential learning activities with students. The program spanned across 4 islands, involved public schools, cultural and environmental organizations, and engaged local communities, authorities, active citizens and private businesses providing a wealth of cooperation opportunities. The program was co-funded by the Helidoni Foundation and the CPF, and ran from October 2021 until December 2022.

CPF continues to support schools and educators.


  • Planting local species in the school yard of the Foinikas Kindergarten, in Syros
  • Installation of worm composting systems in two schools in Antiparos and Syros
  • Installation of worm composting system in the Environment and Sustainability Education Center of Ermoupoli, in Syros
  • Technical workshops regarding the composting procedure
  • Clean up activities and revegetation of a remote area of the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, in Paros