Areas of interest
Local Identity


Geographical area
Thirasia and Santorini
1.500 €

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The challenge 

Preserving Cycladic heritage is crucial, not only for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the islands but also for safeguarding their cultural and environmental significance. The traditional building techniques, including stone walls, terracing, and irrigation systems, have been developed over centuries to adapt to the unique geography and climate of the Cyclades. However, these traditional practices are being replaced by more standardized and often, less sustainable methods.

The solution 

The Under the Landscape project aimed to connect a multidisciplinary group of professionals and university students with local communities and their history. The project used architectural heritage and traditional building techniques as the starting point for a meaningful exchange between the scientific community and the local population.

Project’s deliverables

  • Local craftsmanship and architectural techniques workshop at the settlement of Agrilia in Thirasia.
  • Restoration of a traditional, stone-lined pathway of Manolas-Agrilia.
  • Site visits and field work to collect and record technical information (architectural and topographic surveys, local building materials), as well as testimonials from locals.
  • A traditional-building seminar with workshops and presentations, coupled with two-venue art exhibitions in Thirasia and in Santorini.
  • An international symposium participating both scientists and the local communities in Thirasia and Santorini.

About the Grantee

Boulouki is an interdisciplinary research collaborative, whose work is focused on the study of traditional building techniques and materials. In Greek Boulouki means “gaggle”, travelling group, a name evoking the tradition of traveling companies of stone masons and craftsmen. Its aim is to trace and document the living carriers of such traditional knowledge; to study and to further disseminate it through workshops and actual building projects which are organised in collaboration with local communities.