1st year CPF: 12 projects supported with almost 50.000€ and we continue!

Driven by confidence and conscience that the Cycladic islands have an incredible opportunity to evolve in a positive way and preserve their unique landscape, traditions and natural heritage while maintaining themselves as a global touristic destination, the CPF started its operation in early 2018 hoping to be able to assist in the long-term proper planning and policy, build strong collaborations, as well as develop networks with the goal to support the management and development of the area -that affects its’ well-being and future- in a sustainable perspective.

The challenges that we knew that we would face are many, including the lack of cohesion or a common vision for the Cycladic region, different dynamics, resources, needs and potentialities as well as little coordination across the islands,   only few established local associations with limited experience or knowledge focusing on environment, and also a sense of cautiousness by the locals that required many personal meetings and discussions,  clarity and transparency on our identity and scope from our side.

One year after, the empowerment of local communities of the Cyclades remains the cornerstone of our mission while we are proud of our new friends, partnerships, supporters and projects. So, despite the challenges, we keep sailing across the Cyclades… meeting and interacting with local stakeholders as well as with new friends, including volunteers and supporters from all over Greece and abroad. We THANK them all.

See here all the 12 projects that we have supported within 2018 with a total amount of around 50,000.00€.

We feel proud of our partners and we will do our best to encourage their amazing work on the ground.

We really hope that TOGETHER we can manage to raise more funds and support more worthy, sustainable initiatives. Stand with us!