We are proud to have created a Cycladic community committed to the preservation of the natural beauty of these Aegean Islands.

Below you can find our  grantees and our strategic partners, with whom we cooperate to facilitate our local grants and programs, as well as a gallery of CPF short videos, and artworks related to our work.

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Our Community

Our guiding principle is a bottom-up approach: we are here to listen to and help the people of the Cycladic islands with initiatives that they themselves have started, and to provide financial support and guidance for innovative conservation projects that the local communities have embraced.

Grant initiatives are exclusively funded by the CPF, and are supported by capacity-building services from our project managers and Cycladic network.

Artworks and Objects of Value

We’d like to say a warm thank you to all the local artists who have donated artwork to our cause.

Successful conservation is about creativity and innovation against all odds. We feel that the artworks and objects of value showcased below perfectly reflect this key element of environmental protection.


NANO is a strong believer in the need to fight climate change, and as such has chosen to collaborate with the CPF and the British Embassy of Greece, to support our sustainable initiatives in his native land. His contributions include providing artworks at auctions that fund CPF initiatives and working with local communities on designing limited edition sustainable products for sale to help support CPF plastic reduction, biodiversity conservation and waste management in local enterprises.


The Artisun are a Cyclades-based accessory design company, that supports the CPF by providing funding through auctioning their beautiful pieces. The Gaia Collection shown below uses eco-friendly materials.


Eugenia Coccala Mela is a local jewellery maker who looks to the marine world for inspiration for her creations.


Kyrki Handicrafts is an eco-friendly fashion house whose pieces of jewellery are inspired by the Aegean Sea, the Sun and the elegant simplicity of the Cyclades. Their plastic-free, biodegradable packaging is leading the eco-charge in the Greek fashion industry.


We are so grateful to all those artists (from near and far!) who continue to support us.