Our vision

The Cyclades Preservation Fund is a registered Charity established in October 2017 in the UK to support sustainable initiatives and to promote the preservation of the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Cyclades. The cornerstone of our mission is the empowerment of local communities, backed up by investment in the local environment.

We are a group of Greek and international friends of the ‘Cycladic Islands’ driven by confidence that the Cycladic islands have an incredible opportunity to evolve in a positive way and preserve their unique history, culture, traditions and environmental heritage while maintaining themselves as a global touristic destination.

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Our way

We strongly believe that supporting local resources can make a strong positive impact and bring about serious long-lasting change!

To do so, we raise money from people all over the world, as well as from local individuals and businesses that care and rely on the Cycladic Islands’ future. We ensure funds are directed appropriately and are dedicated to supporting the most effective preservation projects and campaigns, those carried out by organizations, experts, individuals and associations already present in the area or elsewhere in Greece, who are working to protect and restore the natural environment of those areas and trying to influence the locals and the visitors to be more respectful of the environment.

Additionally, we aim to build bridges between the international and local communities, and between NGOs, business organizations and public entities, as well as to develop networks that can then play a key role in decision making and policies that affect the areas’ well-being.

Our people

A Steering Committee, whose members have co-founded the initial budget of the Fund, leads the initiative by directing the strategy, selecting the grants and trying to broaden the donor base.

Our local team is minimal, with one person as a local Director in charge of day-to-day management and coordination work on the ground, assisted by an advisory committee with a long-standing expertise in environmental governance and sustainability, whose members share their experience and knowledge in a voluntarily basis.

And of course, we never forget our supporters for their contribution to the CPF by way of financial donation and/or time!

Local team

  • Anni Mitropoulou

    Local Fund Director | Greece

    After completing her post-graduate studies in the areas of International Affairs, Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development, Anni has worked for 15 years with Greek and International NGOs and Foundations, in the fields of environmental and cultural management, sustainable development, local engagement, fundraising, communication and human rights. Anni took over -in December of 2017- the position of the Local Director of the CPF, driven by respect and care for the unique natural environment of Cyclades, as well as by the confidence that individuals and communities have the power to bring positive change.

Steering Committee