Each individual has a role to play in protecting the environment. By coming together as a global community, we can make significant strides towards safeguarding our planet for current and future generations. Let’s unite our efforts and take action to protect our environment and ensure a sustainable future for all.
Join our mission for a balanced, thriving natural environment and active local communities in the Cyclades.

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The CPF depends on donations and sponsorships to support local communities and projects which preserve the unique environment in the Cyclades and promote sustainable practices that make the difference. All donations are directed towards initiatives that regenerate Cyclades' precious land and sea and empower the local communities.
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Supporting CPF regularly is of great significance for all of us who share a profound respect for the Cycladic environment and the values it represents. For all of us, who share the same concerns about environmental conservation and sustainability and the dream of protecting the Cyclades’ most treasured heritage.
Your annual personal or corporate membership fee allows us to plan ahead and act proactively to enable new grants and allocate funds to communities, promoting local nature-based solutions, non profits empowerment and long lasting change.
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We are rolling out a buffet of interesting insights and important actions that everyone can take while in the Cyclades. Drawing from our network of experts and organisations protecting the natural beauty of the Cyclades, we invite all of you to be inspired and put hands, hearts and minds towards keeping the Cyclades flourishing while traveling or staying on the islands.
Watch our webinars and meet the people working to protect different aspects of Cycladic nature and culture. Learn how to take small but valuable, sustainable actions to support Cyclades conservation.

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