Marine conservation: protecting our Aegean Sea and its biodiversity.

The marine ecosystem of the Cycladic islands is incredibly diverse and valuable, housing a wide range of species and habitats that need protection from various threats. Economic development, population growth, overfishing, uncontrolled construction, and climate change all pose significant risks to marine and coastal environments in the region.
Additionally, marine pollution, particularly from plastic waste, remains a pressing concern for both marine life and human health.

The Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) supports local initiatives that promote environmentally friendly practices, such as reducing single-use items, including plastics, sustainable fishing practices, collaborative efforts for sustainable development, which help safeguard the rich biodiversity and ecological balance of the Cycladic islands’ marine environment for future generations. CPF also supports awareness raising, capacity building and citizen-science campaigns which play a crucial role in increasing understanding and knowledge about environmentally friendly practices. By empowering citizens, consumers, and professionals with the information and tools they need to make sustainable choices, we can collectively work towards protecting the marine ecosystem of the Cycladic islands.