Marine Protected Areas - Plastic Free Seas

The Cycladic islands and their marine waters are unique ecosystems that require special support in order to sustain and protect them. Endangered species find shelter in the hospitable seabed, which is characterized by its abundant life: the sea turtle Caretta caretta, the common dolphin Delphinus delphis, or the seal Monachus monachus. The marine fauna of the Cyclades is also exceptionally rich, including more than 200 species of fish.

There are major protected areas outlined already with the aim of safeguarding the significant Cycladic ecosystem, but titular protection is not always enough!

Economic development, population growth, overfishing, uncontrolled construction and climate change significantly increase risks for marine and coastal habitats, assets and ecosystems. Marine and coastal pollution, especially from the plastic invasion, remains one of the most dangerous threats to both ecosystems and humans.

Marine Conservation Grants

  • Capacity Building for the best small-scale sustainable fisheries

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  • Plastic Free Cyclades

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  • Recycle the Seas – Cyclades

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  • Securing active participation of local stakeholders in a Marine Protected Area

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