Securing active participation of local stakeholders in a Marine Protected Area

(2018) €4.500 awarded

In the light of the formation of the new single management body for Cyclades complex, there is an imperative ‘mandate’, deriving from the core of the local stakeholders, to craft a clear role for the existing ‘Consortium of the Stakeholders’, within the management and governance of Gyaros Marine Protected Area (MPA), including the islands adjacent to Gyaros, Syros and Andros.

To this end, the CPF is proud to support -in the transition period of 2018-  the continuation and empowerment of the ‘Consortium of the Stakeholders’, organized by WWF Greece, which will pave the way for incorporating the conservation measures and zoning proposed by the Consortium, into management plans for Gyaros MPA approved by the Cyclades management body.

With this Grant, WWF Greece field team is expected to organize 3  meetings that will take place in Syros, build the capacity of its members (consisting of 15 different national, regional and local stakeholders, including the Ministry of Environment & Energy), facilitate the participatory process and enable linkages with the new Cyclades management body.

Since 2013 WWF Greece along with a group of partner organizations and public services, has been implementing the very ambitious CYCLADES LIFE project which has allowed to build a basis for the establishment and effective management of the new MPA, developing and putting in place tools and practices that are not only effective but also groundbreaking for marine conservation in the Mediterranean.

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