Local identity: preserving local culture and identity.

The Cycladic islands’ primary and secondary production sector highlights the unique agricultural landscape and culinary traditions that have been shaped by the region’s terrain and sunny climate. The local producers’ dedication to cultivating a variety of crops and preserving traditional processing methods reflects a deep connection to the land and a commitment to sustainability. However, the challenges of transport and logistics, as well as competition from the tourism sector, threaten the viability of local agriculture and food production. Many small-scale producers have been forced to abandon their plots due to these challenges, leading to a loss of traditional knowledge and a decline in biodiversity.

The Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) supports local initiatives such as traditional, stone-lined pathways and stone walls, workshops on local architectural techniques, site visits and field work to collect and record technical information (architectural and topographic surveys, local building materials) and dissemination activities. CPF also encourages collaboration between local communities, cultural associations, and professionals, which is key to revitalizing the primary and secondary production sector, preserving the unique identity of the islands and creating a win-win relationship between local producers and the environment.