Mapping the pathways of a potential Geopark

€3,000.00 awarded

Apano Meria (meaning ‘northern place’) of Syros Island stretches over the mountainous terrain, where tranquillity and serenity surround the scattered farmhouses with the heady scent of fennel, thyme and wild olives. In the context of the ongoing initiative made by the locals for establishing Apano Meria as an environmental and geological park, the full clarification of the ownership on historical footpaths leading to sites of particular geological significance is of crucial importance.

To this end, the CPF is happy to grant the ‘APANO MERIA’ Social Cooperative Enterprise for the establishment, management and protection of the environmental park of Apano Meria (a Natura 2000 protected area) in order to conclude a study on the registration of properties on the three main pathways (called Kampos-Lia,  Kampos-Marmari-Megas Lakkos, and  Kampos-Griza/Ipi), and  investigate all legitimate potentials of conceding the usage of proprietary parts of paths.

The outcome of the project will be a ‘map’ and at the same time the foundation stone of the initiative to establish Apano Meria as a UNESCO Geopark. The study will remain at the disposal of all relevant authorities, to be used as a ‘tool’ to promote and facilitate any legal and sustained use of these paths, with positive results upon the proper future management of those, including the promotion of the experiential and alternative tourism in the island of Syros.

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