Cinedoc Cyclades Islands

(2021) 5.000€ awarded

This Grant project was completed in 2021 .We continue to showcase this project’s outcomes on our website because we are proud of the impact it has made and continues to have. While this grant project has been archived, we think you might be interested to read on…



The challenge

At the CPF, we are acutely aware of the important role information sharing and collaborative discussion has on creating meaningful campaigns for change. Our challenge here was to create the space in which this could take place, and Anemon Productios were intrumental partners in this!



The solution 

We partnered with Anemon Productions to run the Cinedoc Islands project. A collection of film screenings, followed by discussions, to raise awareness in the local community about environmental issues (such as overfishing) that have a tangible impact on the Cycladic islands.


What does the project deliver in practice?

Local champions were selected to be educators in 5 islands (Antiparos, Amorgos, Sifnos, Milos, Kimolos). Their job was to research how the themes covered by each film could be linked to local conditions, whilst also coordinating the discussions and inspiring further actions.

The public used the collaborative discussions to come up with environmental campaigns and actions on their island, which were based on the themes of the films. These ideas were then evaluated and the best of each island was awarded a ‘best practice’ award from the CPF.

The project offered screenings of the following documentary films, whose trailers you can watch below:


Kiss the ground
Silent Fish
Children of the Sea
My Octopus Teacher

This project has now been scaled up into a CPF-led program, entitled From Movies to Cycladic Movement, which you can read about here. But the schedules of the film screenings can still be viewed here, and the results of the eco-contest are available here.



A bit about the organisation

Anemon Productions began the Cinedoc Cyclades Initiative in 2020, when CPF began funding their project as a Grant. Anemon is a production company dedicated to producing documentaries, educational programmes and cross-media projects as a catalyst for discussion, inspiration and impact.

The company was founded in 2003, in Athens, Greece, bringing together the expertise of Greek filmmakers, producers and media professionals. Special focus is given to projects promoting inter-cultural and historical understanding across Europe, human rights and sustainable living.

Anemon recently produced the documentary Mediterranean: Life Under Siege, which has been screened in the Cyclades, Athens and London, in partnership with the CPF. This landmark project follows a young sperm whale, a monk seal, a loggerhead sea turtle, a family of storks, a sea eagle and an island cat; the protagonists of the film and of the Mediterranean world alike. 

“Filmed over the course of two years in 12 different countries and drawing on the expertise of 50 scientists from across the world, this is a documentary saga on a scale never-before-seen that breathes life into the challenges facing an endangered paradise on the brink.” – Anemon Productions.

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