Cinedoc Cyclades Islands

(2021) 5.000€ awarded

We warmly welcome a new partner to the CPF’s family: Anemon Productions, who this year will be running the Cinedoc Islands project!

The projects’ goal is to use film to actively engage the inhabitants of the Cyclades in environmental issues. Our partner aims to achieve this by carrying out selected film screenings that are followed by discussions and linked to specific actions and initiatives that can have a meaningful impact and lead to positive change.

The films will be the following. Check out the trailers!
Kiss the ground
Silent Fish
Children of the Sea
My Octopus Teacher

Local champions will be selected as trainers in the 5 islands (Antiparos, Amorgos, Sifnos, Milos, Kimolos ) in order to research how the issue of each film links to local conditions whilst coordinating the discussions and inspiring new actions.

The public will propose ideas for an environmental campaign or action on their island, which will be based on the topics of the movies; these ideas will be evaluated and the best of each island will be rewarded by the CPF.

Additional screenings of this selection of environmental films will take place in partnership with the CineDoc island network also on other islands in Cyclades and beyond.

Learn more about the schedule of the film screenings here, and about the eco-contest here.

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