Me and my plastic

(2019) 12.000€ awarded

The plastic pollution is one of the biggest growing threats with toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways, oceans and the environment. Million tons of plastic are discarded each year with a very small percent of it getting recycled and most of them ending in dumps and seas. In Greece the situation of plastic pollution is very disappointing and even more disappointing in the islands of the Cyclades due to the great tourist traffic, which rises enormously waste during the summer. This fact in combination with the almost non-existent recycling services in most of the islands makes the situation even more alarming and requires immediate action at all levels. The new law adopted by the European Parliament regarding the banning of single use plastic until 2021 is an opportunity that if wisely implemented by the residents/tourists of the islands will greatly contribute in the reduction of plastic use! Additionally, an opportunity for all of us to reconsider our daily consuming/waste management routines and reposition them within the circular economy model.

The children consist the ideal starting point of initiating new approaches, as they are the “future” managers of the planet but are also influencing their social environment (teachers-families-friends). So, the main objective of the project ME AND MY PLASTIC is to influence a more plastic free behavior within the circular economy model, through:

A.) Educating through an easy and playful way on the “history” of plastic, its various uses and how they spiraled out of control and what citizens should do about it.

B.) Informing school communities of the new environmental legislation, so that they comply with EU management waste policies and be informed about the single-use plastic products that will gradually be banned till 2021.

C.) Encouraging the adoption of new daily routines within a reduced ecological footprint and introducing a sustainable consuming/waste management attitude through the 4R concept (refuse-reduce-reuse-recycle).

To this end, we are very proud supporting the development of an integrated Environmental Education/awareness program consisting of:

  • Child book publication in Greek , with our partner Nefeli Publicing House
  • Development of an environmental education project and pilot implementation in selective school of the Cyclades (in Andros, Mykonos, Tinos, Santorini and Syros) with our partner OPUS -CULTURE  


Contact us if you are keen to ‘adopt’ this program and support the expansion of this project to more islands and schools in the Cyclades!