Areas of interest
Biodiversity, Marine Conservation


Geographical area
3.400 €

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The challenge

The endangerment of the Cycladic Sea turtle, Caretta caretta, is indeed a pressing concern exacerbated by human activities, particularly during the summer months when marine traffic in the region intensifies and coastal development and beachfront infrastructure disrupt nesting habitats.  Some key factors contributing to the peril of these endangered turtles include increased marine traffic, entanglement in fishing gear, loss of nesting habitat, pollution and plastic debris. Rising temperatures and sea levels associated with climate change also affect sea turtle nesting beaches, influencing the distribution of food sources and migration patterns.

The solution

Efficient communication between local and national entities, as well as awareness raising through presentations and in person meetings, are important steps in increasing engagement of citizens and authorities across the Cycladic islands about this critical issue. By implementing effective conservation measures and promoting sustainable practices, we can work towards protecting this endangered species and preserving the ecological integrity of the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic archipelago.

Project’s deliverables

  • Purchase of new medical tools for the first aid station of the Naxos Wildlife Protection Association, a new underwater drone for recording and observing sea turtle behaviour, and new box carriers with first response medical kits (for the islands of Santorini and Amorgos) that will enable faster response and first aid care for sea turtles and other injured or sick marine animals.
  • Awareness raising and training in Amorgos

About the Grantee

The Naxos Wildlife Protection Association is a non-profit environmental organisation based on the island of Naxos. They are a group of volunteers who found their passion and purpose in rescuing and rehabilitating the wild animals of the island. By operating a first aid care station, the association provides help to wild fauna in need, and cooperates with wildlife hospitals around Greece. Their goal is to treat and subsequently reintegrate injured animals back into the wild.

Project updates

This project has been scaled up into the CPF-powered program “Cyclades Care for Wildlife”.