Cyclades Posidonia Alert

Even if it’s right at the bottom of the sea, did you know that Posidonia is not a simple seaweed but a living, breathing plant with deep roots and flowers? Posidonia is a native plant to the Mediterranean sea, and just like plants on land, it produces flowers and fruit which look remarkably like olives!

When the conditions for its development are favourable, the Poseidonia plant multiplies into extensive underwater meadows, which in very clear seas can even exceed the depth of 40 meters.

Posidonia meadows are incredibly precious because they are one of the primary sources of oxygen for the marine ecosystem. They can produce 14-20 litres per square meter daily in the Mediterranean! These meadows act as natural sea defences, limiting wave power and protecting beaches from erosion.

Cyclades Posidonia Alert is a program led by the CPF and co-funded by the Seacology Foundation and EDMISTON Luxury Yacht Experts, which supports Posidonia conservation through public outreach and education. 

Find here the educational material of our campaign , incuding videos, presentations and games.

Our fundamental goal is to inform and sensitize boat/yacht owners, tourists, and the local population on the presence, importance, and vulnerability of the Posidonia plant in the Cyclades and mitigate anchoring impact in at least four selected islands in the Cyclades.

We will work with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) and some of our dedicated local partners to achieve this. 

Learn more about the impact of anchoring on Posidonia here, and download the guide here.

Learn more about the campaign and become part of the solution in English, Greek, French and Italian:

English, Greek, French, and Italian.

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