Cyclades Posidonia Alert is a joint initiative of the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) and the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMRfunded by the Seacology Foundation and Edmiston Yachting but also supported by local organizations and authorities of the Cyclades Islands, that aims at raising awareness on the importance of Posidonia meadows for the Cyclades communities and ecosystem, and therefore, on the need of responsible yachts-anchoring to protect Posidonia Meadows in the Cyclades Islands. 

What is Posidonia and Why is it so Important?
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In the context of this raising-awareness campaign, researchers from HCMR are mapping the hot spots that need to be prioritized for implementing protective measures, while, at the same time, CPF is working on field researchrecording the local experience and highlighting the proper measures to achieve responsible yachts-anchoring, in order to protect the Posidonia Meadows in the Cyclades Islands. 

In the last pages a special tribute to the precious Posidonia oceania meadows and their protection from Anchorage!

A publication of The Hellenic Sailing and Marine Environment Center supported by Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF)
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We invite you to help us with mapping the Posidonia Meadows in the Cyclades, by giving only 2 minutes of your time to answer the following questionnaire/s about the island/s you might have the respective information for.
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