Sea Bin in the Cyclades

​​Have you ever heard about the genius bucket, invented by two Australian surfers, that sucks trash and oil right out of the sea? 


It is so simple, smart, and useful and we are very proud to announce that the first Sea Bin system in the Cyclades was established in the harbour of Syros (June 2019), as part of a CPF donation. 


We have worked closely with the Municipal Port Fund of Syros to ensure the effective management of this fantastic ocean-cleaning device which aims to offer a more cost-effective harbour-cleaning method than having a person physically remove trash from the water or sending boats equipped with nets to collect it. 


Since 2019, the awarded Sea Bin automated rubbish collector has also been established in Naoussa, of Paros, thanks to a CPF donation and our business partnership with Experiential YachtingMany thanks to the Municipality of Paros and the Nautical Club of Naoussa NAIAS for their collaboration!


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