Cyclades Posidonia Alert Kids

“Posidonia Alert Kids” is the educational branch of our “Posidonia Alert” program.

In our educational material, you can find a plethora of valuable resources we have used in schools around the Cyclades to teach students and adults, in a fun way, the importance of protecting Posidonia in the sea and on the beach.

The educational kit consists of:
• Guide for the teachers
• 2 comics and their respective video animations: “Discovering Posidonia Oceanica Meadows” and “Save the Posidonia Oceanica Banquettes”!
• 1 video animation describing the main characteristics, benefits and threats of Posidonia Oceanica
• 10 cards with photographs describing the main characteristics and benefits of Posidonia Oceanica
• Presentation for kids “What is Posidonia Oceanica, its significance and threats”
• Photographs/videos of the plant and banquettes from Cyclades beaches
• Videos with the banquettes and threats Posidonia Oceanica faces
• Lots of handicrafts (such as making a meadow with the fish living in their leaves etc), theatrical game of the threats, games (such as memory game, spot the difference game) and lots of crosswords that end up in a phrase that is our main message: “Posidonia Oceanica is your wealth; let’s protect it today”!

CPF distributed it to schools in the Cyclades Islands along with the children’s painting contest to promote interest, inspiration and learning in a fun way (e-version to more than 100 schools)!

Please click here for The educational kit on Posidonia oceanica

The original educational material was a professionally developed and high-quality material from the Italian LIFE programs SEPOSSO and BARGAIN. CPF translated the educational material, scientifically edited and adopted all the material with the valuable help of HCMR.

Through the “Posidonia Alert Kids” we have educated and engaged more than 900 students and their educators in the Cycladic islands, in more than 15 schools. Activities and/or use of our educational material took place on the islands of Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Syros, Andros, Santorini, Amorgos, Serifos, Ano Koufonissi, Donousa and Schoinoussa (the last three are part of the Small Cyclades Islands). Among others, we held a Cyclades wide drawing contest for students, engaging them to get inspired by the educational material. Participating students and their schools, were awarded with the “Cyclades Posidonia Alert Safekeeper Diploma”, hardcopies of the comics and other gifts, so they were thrilled!

Please click here to have a more detailed look at our educational progress so far!

We designed and disseminated the educational material in a way that: a) firstly, the educators are educated, b) the educators have guidance through the kit in order to educate the students without our help and choose their activities based on the kids ages (level of difficulty), c) the hardcopies of the kit are given to the educators in an organised way (many mentioned that it was the first time they were given hardcopies, while usually they have to find the resources to do so which is very difficult for the public schools) and d) they have always access to the educational electronic material for all the school-years to come. E) we have provided our educational material to the newly established Environmental Education Centre in Syros, for further dissemination of the material and activities that benefit both the educators and the students.

Hardcopies of the comics and the educational material (and of course the e-version as well) have remained in the schools that participated in the educational program and contest, for an on-going education on Posidonia Oceanica. We are very happy that many teachers told us they are going to use the educational material for the next school-years as well, and we still get invited by public and private schools to present part of the educational material and hold workshops, handicrafts and games. The educational program is well-accepted and the demand is high and ongoing!

Educational resources from our Posidonia Alert Kids campaign is available to be downloaded at the following links:

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