Areas of interest
Education, Marine conservation


2021 – now
Geographical area
Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Syros, Andros, Santorini, Amorgos, Serifos, Ano Koufonissi, Donousa and Schoinoussa

“Cyclades Posidonia Alert Kids” is the educational program of the “Cyclades Posidonia Alert” initiative.

The challenge

The heavy impact of recreational boat tourism, particularly unregulated anchoring on Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Cyclades is a significant concern due to its adverse effects on the meadows condition. Boat anchors and chains directly damage Posidonia meadows by uprooting or crushing the seagrass plants. This physical damage disrupts the structure and integrity of the meadows, reducing their ability to provide habitat and support biodiversity in the marine ecosystem.

The solution

Educational activities to local schools, community engagement and raise awareness campaigns and events are some of the measures which may contribute to Posidonia meadows protection. Towards this direction, CPF designed and has been implementing the educational program “Cyclades Posidonia Alert Kids”, in the context of the CYCLADES POSIDONIA ALERT initiative.

The initiative is co-funded by the Seacology Foundation and Edmiston Yachting and being implemented with the collaboration of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) and local partners.


Our approach is designed to empower teachers in running environmental activities, applied in the local context, and effectively engaging schools and students. More specifically, we “train the trainers”, additionally to coordinating students’ activities ourselves: By educating the educators first, we ensure that they are well-equipped to effectively deliver the educational material to their students. We provide educators with a comprehensive educational kit and give them access to both hardcopies and digital materials. By leaving this kit in schools we ensure that the educational program remains sustainable, having a lasting impact beyond its initial implementation. Partnering with the Environmental Education Centre in Syros for further dissemination of the educational material expands the reach and impact of the program. It allows for wider distribution and utilization of the resources, benefiting both educators and students across the region. Engaging students through activities such as painting contests not only fosters creativity and enthusiasm but also provides a platform for recognition and celebration of their efforts. Our students’ award of the “Cyclades Posidonia Alert Safekeeper Diploma” is a great example of this practice.

The educational kit consists of:

  • A guide for the teachers
  • 2 comic books and their respective video animations: “Discovering Posidonia oceanica Meadows” and “Save the Posidonia oceanica Banquettes”!
  • 1 video animation describing the main characteristics, benefits and threats of Posidonia oceanica
  • 10 cards with photographs describing the main characteristics and benefits of Posidonia oceanica
  • Presentation for kids “What is Posidonia oceanica, its significance and threats”
  • Photographs/videos of the plant and banquettes from Cyclades beaches
  • Videos with the banquettes and threats Posidonia oceanica faces
  • Lots of handicrafts (such as making a meadow with the fish living in their leaves etc), theatrical game of the threats, games and lots of crosswords that end up in a phrase that is our main message: “Posidonia oceanica is your wealth; let’s protect it today”!


So far, we have implemented 24 educational and raising awareness events in local schools with the participation of more than 900 students and teachers.

Useful material

Educational resources

from our “Cyclades Posidonia Alert Kids” campaign available here: