Be an Eco-Visitor

Free webinar: “Be an Eco-Visitor”
Giving back to the islands you love.

How can your holiday in the Cycladic islands contribute to their ecological preservation? Join our webinar “Be an eco-visitor” to learn the insights and actions you can take on your travels to support local resilience in the Cyclades.

In this free Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) webinar on the 29th of March 16:00-19:00 GR time / EET online, we will be joined by a series of presenters working in regenerative tourism programs and local initiatives for low impact tourism. They will guide us through the knowledge and actions we can all integrate into our Cycladic visits.
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Understanding and respecting the context and our role as travellers in the Cyclades.
The menu of actions for visitors to contribute to healthy islands and mitigate harm.
Meeting local initiatives that embody regenerative tourism services.

From understanding our role as guests in these historic and ecological havens, to the simple choices we can make as we saunter through nourishing natural elements, learn how to land in the Aegean with clarity and care for relationships we build as travellers and hosts in our exquisite natural heritage.

This is the final webinar in a series of four from the ‘Green Volunteers in the Cyclades’ program organised by the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF), co-funded and supported by the British Embassy in Athens @UKinGreece.

All webinars are recorded and will be available to watch online accompanied by further information.
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We invite potential travellers to find the green side of Cycladic tourism through our discussion, with support material and links to follow. We offer these webinars freely, and any support in donation, amplification, or other, really makes a difference!