Capacity building activities for local environmental groups

Social Dynamo’s ‘Hosting & Empowerment Programme’ offers a six-month programme of capacity building activities to participating civil society organisations and informal citizens’ groups. The 7th cycle of this programme will be implemented during the period February – September 2021 and will have a particular emphasis on supporting groups active in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

In this context, the Bodossaki Foundation collaborates with the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) and the Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF) in order to open its capacity building activities to environmental groups in the Cycladic and Ionian islands. To achieve maximum impact through this synergy, CPF and IEF utilize their capacities to support Social Dynamo in the overall conceptualization, design and formulation of the environmental cycle, beyond the specific needs that will be identified in their respective areas of operation.

The call is now open for local groups and organizations to apply and join the programme, that will include will include:
• Training through seminars, workshops and webinars in organizational development topics (including strategic planning, NGO management, human resources management, communications, financial sustainability, project management and social impact assessment) as well as in specialist thematic topics relating to the area of activity of the participating organisations.
• Networking events that help establish partnerships and broader synergies.
• Online consulting by specialist professionals, including on legal, financial and tax matters.

UPDATE: We are very happy to share that 11 environmental entities based in the Cyclades were selected to participate in the capacity building programme! The cycle that will empower 44 environmental non profit entities across Greece was officially launched on 24/2, while dedicated environmental trainings will start with waste management: understanding the institutional framework and legislation, learning about best practices and challenges, getting inspired to take action locally.