Celebrating 5 years of work in the Cyclades

Five (5) years of work in the Cyclades means more to the CPF than can be described in either words or in numbers, but this is how we would report what we have achieved so far:

  • 20 islands
  • 65+ projects
  • €400,000+ invested in environmental initiatives
  • 40+ grantees (partners)
  • 2000+ students directly educated
  • 30+ schools participated
  • 12+ women associations empowered
  • 10+ green volunteers actively involved
  • 80+ professional fishermen trained
  • 150+ wild animals rehabilitated
  • 300+ endemic species plants reforested
  • 20+ supporters from the private sector
  • 20+ strategic partners & local allies
  • 500+ articles in local, national and international press

There are also many reasons to feel proud for the way we have worked with our partners to create a positive impact, including:

proposing and supporting innovative solutions such as
• the ‘one-rock-dam’ technique to mitigate soil erosion in the fragile cycladic ecosystem with natural materials
• the award winning floating litter collector ‘Seabin’ for ports and marinas
• consuming “alien” marine species instead of historically overfished local species
• a marine litter station for fishermen to deposit used fishing nets
• a small mobile recycling centre promoting the circular economy

introducing new ways to collaborate such as
• strengthening the relations between islanders through our annual Islanders Forum and the establishment of our Cycladoscope platform to promote dialogue and partnerships
• welcoming green volunteers on the ground and online, to support the local environmental associations

creating a new generation of environmentally aware skillful citizens
• students learn how to:
◦ develop mobile applications and promote mild-tourism through mapping the old pathways and trekking routes on their islands
◦ create audiovisual material to speak about the environmental challenges on their islands

• the educational community, as a whole, is inspired to learn more about:
◦ reusing the organic waste composted in school yard bins,
◦ the cycladic local flora that is planted in botanical school gardens,
◦ the risks, benefits and history of plastic use through the ‘Me & My plastic’ programme
◦ biodiversity and sustainable development in the Cyclades through an originally designed board game

encouraging new leaders
• fishermen wanting to protect their seas and livelihoods envision protected areas, engage in fishing tourism, invest time in cleaning our coasts
• local woman associations become ambassadors of the circular economy
• professionals supported in reducing the environmental footprint of their activities and contributing to positive change

acknowledging the value of habitats and wildlife
• creating a network for transferring injured sea turtles to first aid stations and treatment centers and creating safe conditions for the treatment and rehabilitation of wild life
• recording and monitoring cetaceans, such as dolphins
• protecting posidonia oceanica from uncontrolled boat anchoring

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