CPF: identifying impact trends & moving forward

In 2020 we celebrated 3 years of CPF operation in the Cyclades and identified a need to measure and reflect on the impact of our grants and projects, as well as to celebrate with our friends and supporters the community engagement that we have created and to build capacity within and beyond the Fund.
We developed our Fund’s Framework for Impact Analysis to explore and analyze the impact that our work has on the ground and in the sector. We drew conclusions and celebrated our successes; we also addressed challenges and looked deeper into our vision and our mode of work. During this process we worked with an advisor, we gathered all project information and we conceptualized and agreed upon the framework we would use for the impact analysis. We analyzed all projects, produced an internal report which was shared with our Advisory Board for their feedback, and then implemented a facilitated strategy workshop with our Steering Committee.

The insights we gathered by this process are already feeding our operations and strategy, as well as our relationship with and support to our grantees.

Today, we are very happy sharing with you the results of this analysis.

Check the CPF 2018-2020 report: Identifying Impact Trends & Moving Forward and learn:

-How we support and enable local action

-About our work on the islands

-How we support the environment

-How do we benefit the local communities

-Our lessons learned and plans for the future