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The CPF is one year old! After a year in action, we are even more determined to support the right people, ideas and projects in order to provide effective solutions to the local communities and ecosystems of the Cyclades. There is no magic answer, the complexity of the challenges we face require strategic alliances, technical know-how, open minds and plenty of financial support.

Thank you so much to our generous and passionate supporters. You are helping us bring about a positive change in environmental behaviour, policy making and business practice, much needed to protect the natural heritage and natural capital of the Cyclades for future generations.

In our first year, we have supported 10 carefully selected grants, committing a total of €40,000. Some are already showing promising results, some are just starting. Many others are bubbling away under development. Do we have your attention? Please take see an overview of our work in this short CPF video, and read below some interesting stories about what we’ve been up to.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

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