Get ready for the Cycladic nature

As the world slowly opens up after months of COVID-19-related travel restrictions, Greece has announced its plan and safety protocols to welcome all visitors for summer 2021; and as you all know… there’s nothing quite like a Greek summer! Picture yourself on one of the Cycladic islands: the sun, sea, sights, food, nature and the lovely people. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

This is the perfect time to inform you about what was happening on the ground while you were away. Thanks to some amazing people and the Cyclades Preservation Fund’s (CPF) active support, so much progress has been made to protect the islands we all care about so much. Get inspired by the achievements of our local champions and the impact of their work and discover our new exciting projects and strategic partnerships.

Finally, with holidays on the horizon, please remember your responsibility to the environment and consider how you can both reduce your ecological footprint and have a lovely, unforgettable summer!

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