‘Mediterranean’ Documentary Screening

The Cinedoc initiative (supported by the CPF) is proud to be launching the new documentary ‘Mediterranean’ at the French Institute of Greece in Athens this week.

This documentary is the largest film production to date on the subject of marine life in the Mediterranean and the threats it faces from human activity.

“Greece is at the center of protecting the Mediterranean,” Frederick Fuzea, the award-winning French film director, tells the magazine “K”. “No other country offers such a large coastline, so many deserted islands, such a great diversity of waters and landscapes. The most serious efforts to protect the Mediterranean are already taking place in Greece, with the largest organizations operating there.”

The film screenings (times listed below) will be followed by a discussion with documentary director Fred Fougea, the director of Cyclades Preservation Fund -CPF Annie Mitropoulou and representatives from ΑΡΧΕΛΩΝ-Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece & MOm – Monachus monachus .



  • Thursday October 6th – 20.00 – French Institute of Greece – Σίνα 31, ATHENS
  • Saturday October 8th – 16.00 – Danaos Cinema – Λεωφ. Κηφισίας 109, ΑΘΗΝΑ 
  • Sunday October 9th – 16.00 –  Danaos Cinema – Λεωφ. Κηφισίας 109, ΑΘΗΝΑ