Mission ‘regenerating the Paros Park ecosystem’: almost completed!

The spring phase of the botanical garden construction and the anti-erosion earthworks at Paros Park has almost been completed. A few additional actions need to be taken in order to prepare for summer.

Read more here about the progress of the works in the environmental Park of Paros.

We are so pleased to read the report shared by our great partner, the Association ‘The Friends of Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros Ai-Yiannis Detis’:

‘The cooperation with local stakeholders has been remarkable. Paros Park Municipal SA has added significantly to our budget, the Municipality offered plants, services and materials for the irrigation system, “Naias” nautical club of Naoussa has offered countless hours of volunteer work, we had a volunteer photographer from the Photo Club of Paros documenting the works, locals offered plants and services for free. Last but not least, all professionals involved gave us discounts in materials and services.

In the next phase, we plan to proceed with the production of signs for the plants in the botanical garden so that it becomes accessible to visitors during the summer season. We also intend to present the project to the public around the 5th of June, the World Environment Day (possibly on the 2nd of June). At this day, we would like to officially thank all those who contributed to this project, make the project known to the local community and to a wider audience and also bring together and promote island groups and initiatives that actively work to protect the Cycladic environment, some of which are funded by the CPF.

We would like to thank you for your financial contribution and not least for your encouragement, your networking efforts and your wider vision. We appreciate our collaboration enormously and we trust that we will continue to be partners in our common path to protect and regenerate Cycladic nature.’