Pick the tasty alien fish!

We are  very glad joining the culinary event carried out in the context of the project “Pick the alien“, organised by iSea and Theraic Sea/ Θαλάσσια Προστατευόμενη Περιοχή Θήρας, hosted by Aegagros Caldera Houses in Santorini with the support of the Cyclades Preservation Fund.

The excellent chefs Christos Chitos from Selene ”meze & wine”, Alex Untila from Ovac Restaurant and Chef Aggelopoulos Kostas from Ifestioni Restaurant of Aressana Spa Hotel, have prepared unique recipes with the invasive marine species lionfish and rabbit fish highlighting an important potential value for these species, that are currently considered as discards by local fishermen of Santorini, and not marketed at all. Small scale fishers could greatly benefit from targeting these species and at the same time relieving fishing pressure from other important fish from the marine ecosystems, such as groupers, sea breams, tunas, swordfish, sharks and rays and many more that are on the brink if not already overfished.

The tastes we tried were exquisite and we really hope to have the opportunity to savour them in many more restaurants in Santorini and the Cyclades!

The aim of the project ‘Pick the Alien’  is to inform and sensitise fishers and locals on the importance of marine invasive alien species, bit also bring together the fish catching sector with local restaurant owners and establish a close link and incentives for marketing edible invasive fish and other alien species that threaten the Mediterranean biodiversity.

More information on the impacts of marine invasive alien species can be found at the following links (https://isea.com.gr/…/alien-s…/is-it-alien-to-you-share-it/…) and (https://isea.com.gr/pick-the-alien-2/?lang=en).

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