The green Cycladic Summer is here!

With your support the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) has facilitated some incredible work across the islands, we could not have done it alone! Such remarkable results so early on make us very proud and optimistic that the Cyclades can and will become greener after all.

-Women associations have eliminated disposable plastics from their events and replaced them with reusable materials whilst learning how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and compost better.

-Fishermen have decreased their fishing activities to let fish reproduce, meanwhile helping to reduce plastic pollution, consequently fish stocks remain viable and marine mammals have become fishermen’s friends.

-Parent/teacher associations have embraced our efforts to create school botanical gardens that familiarize young islanders with the most emblematic plants of the Cycladic flora and help them understand the importance of a healthy and stable island ecosystem.

– Students are supporting the environment through the creation of mobile apps which map paths and special points of interest, these enable visitors to appreciate the local nature of their islands.

These amazing achievements, and many more, are made possible both by the CPF’s direct work as well as their focus on supporting collective action and empowering local champions to maximise their impact.

Thank you for standing by our side, we hope you enjoy a greener summer in the Cycladic islands!
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