Thirasia: Under the landscape

The CPF is happy to contribute to the implementation of an amazing open event organised by Boulouki team, the 3day Young Makers Gathering, 28-29-30 May 2021, that will inaugurate the project ‘Under the Landscape: Therasia 2021-22΄, which is co-organized with the Municipality of Thera and the local community of Therasia !

During these three days, Boulouki alongside its interdisciplinary network of associates, as well as the teachers and students of Therasia, and the local community of both Thera and Therasia, will go ahead with the cleaning and marking of the central pathway of the abandoned settlement of Agrilia. The main route of the deserted village, which is now blocked by the lush vegetation, will be accessible again inviting Agrilia’s further exploration and reclamation!

???? On Saturday 29-05, short films of Boulouki’s past projects will be screened at the courtyard of the school of Therasia, open to the local community

????On Sunday 30-05, a presentation of the project ‘Under the Landscape: Thirasia 2021-22’ will take place in the courtyard of the church of Agrilia (participation is by invitation)

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