Thousands of micro-plastics collected by our SEABIN

Our feelings are mixed in the image of this special … “collection” of hundreds of thousands of microplastics and other marine waste that have been collected in the port of Naoussa in Paros, through the “smart” floating sea bucket SeaBin. 7 large bags with corresponding quantities, in just 4 non-tourist months (January- May 2020)!

On the one hand, we are happy because the initiative taken by the Cyclades Preservation Fund to introduce this innovative way to reduce the plastic pollution  in the Cyclades has a clear, positive and tangible  impact, but on the other hand we are very concerned about the frightening amount of micro-plastics found in the sea.

It is noted that according to recent research, an average adult swallows and inhales up to 121,000 tiny plastic particles per year through the food, the water and respiration, with consequences still unknown to our health.

PS Warm thanks to Dimitris Kourtellis and the local community of Naoussa Paros for the excellent cooperation!

We thank also the Municipality of Paros and the Nautical Club of Naoussa for their support, as well as the Experiential Yachting for contributing with their donation to our initiative.

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