Women have the power!

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021 (8/3), the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) and the Federation of Women’s Associations “The Kores of the Cyclades” announce a new strategic partnership with the aim of strengthening the local women’s associations as well as their emergence as timeless ambassadors of environmental protection and sustainability in the local communities of the islands.

The collaboration begins with an online bazaar where we aim to raise money to be used for the purchase of reusable utensils (plates, glasses, cutlery) which will be donated to the 16 Members – Women’s Associations of the Federation, representing 13 Cycladic islands, to replace disposable plastics commonly used at local celebrations and festivities of the local associations.

We really hope that this initiative will be embraced by those who love the dynamic… women and #PlasticFreeCyclades movement! Its ultimate goal is to raise awareness, change the culture and highlight good practices that the islands have adopted over time,in this case the choice of reusable utensils over those of disposable plastics.

Please do visit and share the online platform with the beautiful collection of women’s clothing and accessories from famous designers https://cycladespreservationfund-women.comand help us supercharge the women champions of sustainability in the Cyclades.

With love from the Cyclades, for women and the natural environment!