Providing organized care and protection to the Cycladic Wildlife

An online seminar on first aid and wildlife care in the Cyclades will take place on Wednesday, 8 March 2023, at 5 pm as part of a series of environmental training provided by the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) with the aim of training agencies, businesses, residents and visitors of the Cyclades in matters of protection of the local biodiversity. The main presentation of the seminar will be given by Mr Marios Fournaris, Founder and Director of the Association for the Protection and Care of Wild Animals ALKYONI based in Paros. There will also be a presentation given by Mr Giannis Orfanos, Founder and President of the Association for the Protection of Wildlife Naxos.

The seminar is open to everyone, and no previous knowledge of the subject is required to attend. The seminar is free and only requires a short registration (by Wednesday, 8/3/ 23 at 3 pm)  at the following link:

The training will be geared towards permanent and seasonal residents, associations, staff of municipalities, port authorities, forest authorities and tourism businesses, as well as regular visitors who are interested in contributing to efforts to conserve rich biodiversity and wildlife.

In particular, the seminar “WILDLIFE IN THE CYCLADES: Organization & Operation of First Aid Stations”, will offer participants the chance to learn about the importance of the wild fauna of the islands, and where they can access structures for providing first aid care for wild animals in the Cyclades, and how to how to behave and where to go if they see or find an injured wild animal. Particular emphasis will be placed on avifauna issues due to the upcoming migratory flow of birds.

The date and structure of the following environmental webinars organized by the CPF within 2023 will be announced periodically. Alongside the seminars, screenings of selected environmental films on Cycladic islands will be announced, organized and hosted by local non-profit organizations and island municipalities, with the support and guidance of the CPF. Both the environmental seminars and the screenings for the Cyclades are implemented with the support of The Hellenic Initiative (THI) within the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) initiative “From Movies to Cyclades Movement,” which aims to actively inform, and educate, raise awareness and mobilise residents and visitors of the Cyclades islands on particular issues of protection of the natural, terrestrial and marine environment.

We love the Cyclades and actively protect their natural wealth!

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