A network of marine litter stations makes us proud

This is a great day for our partners Aegean Rebreath and their allies! According to their latest data, 47.512 recyclable pieces and 8.8 tons of fishing gear have been collected so far through the unique network of marine litter stations that they have established throughout Greece.

At the CPF we are proud having established along with Aegean Rebreath and the Municipality of Antiparos,  the first ever marine litter station in Greece, located in the port if Antiparos! It is amazing that our common project showed the way for other islands to follow, and now a network of marine   litter stations in Paros, in Tinos, in Syros, and many other Greek islands are so efficient and produce encouraging results.

This is a reward for what a station represent; real volunteerism, innovation, sustainable and holistic solutions, synergies with the local communities, reliable data collection and evidence based solutions to social problems.

Congratulations to Aegean Rebreath and a big thank you to all those who work every day to ensure proper and efficient operation of the stations in Antiparos and elsewhere!

This is a project supported by the Cyclades Preservation Fund! Watch the video!