Anyone missing 170kg of rubbish?

The port of Naoussa in Paros is – thanks to its SeaBin!
This innovative, award winning, port-cleaning technology captures floating debris and prevents trash that ends up in the port being carried away into the open sea.

During the first six months of its establishment in the beautiful port of Naoussa, our SeaBin has collected approximately 170kg of rubbish, from disposable cups and cigarette stubs, to plastic bags and bottles and importantly, thousands of microplastics! Take a look at the video with some pieces of this scary trash collection.
We were also thrilled to hear about the excitement and engagement of the local community with three volunteers taking care of the bin, and making sure they empty it twice a day!

The SeaBin in Naoussa of Paros has been co-funded by the Cyclades Preservation Fund & Experiential Yachting.

Support the CPF to fortify the ports of the Cyclades with additional magic buckets (SeaBins) and collect hundreds of thousands of pieces of floating debris and plastics from our seas.

Give us a hand, if you can.

With a donation of 50€ to the CPF, you could be one of the 200 supporters enabling the installation of our next SeaBin in the Cyclades!

Clearly the SeaBin is just one part of the solution.
According to recent research it is estimated that 11,500 of plastic tons are leaking into the Greek seas every year.

The Cyclades Preservation fund (CPF) continues to tackle this problem from many different angles, and is committed to supporting campaigns to reduce the use of single-use plastics by locals, tourists and businesses.

Thank you for supporting our #PlasticFreeCyclades movement and many more CPF sustainability projects!

Many thanks to Dimitris Kourtellis for his precious support to this project!